Sex Education in Erotica Books

Sappho, the tenth Muse, fresco from Pompeii

Here’s a question people never ask me but should:  what sort of research do erotica writers do? The quick answer is “more than the kind you think.”

I mean, yes, I do read the occasional sex book, as you’ll soon learn. But I read other things, too, as background for my stories. With only two books out so far in the Sapphic Siren Interludes series and a third in progress, I’ve already done research into the following, and this is the short list!

  • Greek mythology, history and geography
  • Teas, tisanes, and good food pairings
  • Sappho and her poems
  • The etiquette of who sits where in limousines
  • Irish brown bread, Irish hedgehog rescue facilities, and Irish slangs for you-know-what
  • Baubo and the lovely ritual of lifting the skirt (which is getting its own post)

This research makes the writing fun for me. More importantly, it should help to pull you, the reader, into the world of the story and hopefully make the reading more fun for you.

Erotica, after all, isn’t really about teaching; it’s about transporting. When the narrative includes a lesson, the best erotica how-to goes beyond the mechanics of sex and delves into the structure of seduction. Of course, if you learn something new about the mechanics along the way, it’s a win/win.

I actually love doing research and discovering interesting facts I didn’t know. We’ve added a “Fun Facts” blog category to give us a place to share interesting tidbits and resources with our readers. Some of these fun facts will be sexual, some not.

On the sex front, yes, I’ve looked into different ways of referring to lady parts (most of which I will never use). Early in my erotica writing adventures, I also discovered a sex-positive and woman-positive book that you might enjoy: The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus: How to Go Down on a Woman and Give Her Exquisite Pleasure (Ultimate Guides Series) by Violet Blue. This one is non-denominational with respect to your partner of choice.

It’s explicit about the mechanics, well researched, and has wonderful quotes. Several of them are almost worshipful about cunnilingus, as if they were praying at the altar of the feminine divine. I like that. This book is a must-read antidote for anyone who’s been taught that the vagoo is dirty and dangerous. I recommend The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus for everyone who has a vagina or hopes to ever get close to one!

And the next time you meet an erotica writer, don’t ask her about her next book. Ask her about her research. You won’t be disappointed.

Sex Education in Erotica Books
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