Sapphic Siren Interludes

Melina Wilder is the featured character in Sapphic Siren Interludes, paranormal lesbian erotica for women, with explicit sex and humor.

As mythological creatures go, sirens are rather misunderstood. They were never mermaids who lured sailors to their deaths. They were beautiful winged women with seductive voices. But long ago, a goddess stole their wings as punishment. And she added a twist. They could have their wings back for a short while after engaging in intimate interludes. Now they seek out willing partners and occasionally go on, shall we say, goodwill missions involving other shifters and enchanters. The sirens— Sirena, Theodora, Melina, Sybil, and Chloe— are five sexy sisters making their way in a world filled with fun, danger, and delicious possibilities.

Book 9

Forthcoming (December 2018): When Santa shifter Kristina Kringle summons Melina, the siren flies north to find out why her usually jolly chum sounds so glum. At Kris’s urging, Melina shows…

Book 8

Forthcoming (October 2018): Melina faces a challenge she may not be able to win when the mischievous Galatea discovers social media. Can she stop her in time, or will mortals…

Book 7

Forthcoming (August 2018): Melina meets a woman at a train station with a complicated past, a key to the future, and a present that could spell trouble.

Book 6

Forthcoming (June 2018): Pandora can't resist opening boxes on her birthday. This year, it's Melina's turn to give her other gifts to unwrap so that she doesn't open the one…

Book 5

When Medusa’s only surviving sister targets a high-profile individual, Melina must find a way to draw the Gorgon’s attention without turning to stone in the process.

Book 4

Melina agrees to help find a missing Rhinemaiden. But when their fierce protector summons them, the search-and-rescue mission turns into an undercover operation. Will the siren be able to fool…

Book 3

When Melina is pulled into a potential sex scandal by two rival divorce attorneys who compete over everything, she must marshal all of her assets to get them to drop…

Book 2

When the cries of three banshees threaten the life of a newborn, Melina is asked to occupy their mouths during the delivery.

Book 1

Eager to help an old friend, a siren sets out to seduce the shy owner of a local tea shop and soon discovers that the young woman is steeped in…

Book -1

Newsletter Bonus: When a car breakdown forces Melina to share a limousine ride with the beautiful but stuffy Lady Beatrix, the siren must find amusing ways to un-stuff her.