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avatar for Laney Blaze, lesbian erotica writerEROTICA AUTHOR LANEY BLAZE writes with authority about lesbian interactions.

I am practically an expert on the subject of lesbian relationships, friendships, enemy-ships, and passing-in-the-night-ships. I’ve been in several successful interactions with other lesbians (because learning from one’s mistakes turns even a failure into a success). I’m out and proud, but the only thing I flaunt is my good humor.

Once upon a time, under a different moniker, I was a minor celebrity f/f fanfic writer in a small community of followers of a certain subtext in a certain TV show (not Xena). I’ve since moved on to writing about other topics. Some of my books, under yet another moniker, have been traditionally published. Others, I’ve self-published. In short, I’m a pretty successful writer (again, because learning from one’s mistakes turns even a failure into a success).

I (would) love reading lesbian erotica (if most of the stuff currently out there wasn’t either obviously written by men with pseudo-lesbian fantasy fetishes or else too vanilla to be of much use to me as a masturbatory device).

I think erotica should be erotic. I think women should be strong. I think sex should make you gasp. And I think the process of getting there should sometimes make you laugh. I write lesbian erotica for women, with explicit sex and humor. My mission is to create likable characters that are fun, smart, and sexy. If you enjoy the same, my stories are for you.

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