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Clio's avatarI’M CLIO MACKIE, and I write paranormal erotica about self-reliant women and the men who appreciate them. I create relatable characters with contemporary values and old-world charm. Even the despicable ones have some redeeming qualities, and the seemingly perfect ones are just a little bit flawed. Although I enjoy sexy vampires and naughty werewolves from time to time, I much prefer lesser known, often undervalued, paranormal creatures who lurk in the dark, or at a villa, or even somewhere near the North Pole.

A short time ago, a group of characters took up residence in my head. They refuse to leave or pay rent, so I’ve put them to work. If you feel they’re not pulling their weight, just let me know. I can make them do things— sometimes to each other, sometimes to themselves. It can get rather messy and often requires rest and rehydration.

When I’m not writing, I’m doing something else, like getting inspiration from my rescue dog, a Swiss Shepherd named Elsa. Her alter ego made it into my debut story, Wild Card, as Lucy. I   also enjoy learning about diverse cultures, even ancient ones. This has made me a bit of a nomad, something I share with my main character, Sirena Wilder. In Sirena, this trait gives her the chance to visit colorful places and meet extraordinary people, like the odd little man in Lot 69.



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