Rhinegold: a Sapphic Siren Interlude

Rhinegold, Lesbian Erotica book cover Title: Rhinegold
Author: Laney Blaze
Series: Sapphic Siren Interludes #4
Genre: ,
Release Date: April 2017
Pages: 53
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Summary: Melina agrees to help find a missing Rhinemaiden. But when their fierce protector summons them, the search-and-rescue mission turns into an undercover operation. Will the siren be able to fool the legendary mother of Grendel, or will the brutal warrior discover all is not gold that glitters?


“Does Linda have a big appetite?”

“Yes, she does,” Hildy said.

“Good, one less thing to fake,” Melina said with a smile. “What’s in the pitchers and the jugs?”

“Ale and mead. Take the mead. That’s Linda’s favorite.”

“Mine, too. I live up to my name.”

“What do you mean?”

“Melina comes from the Greek word for honey.”

“Ah, that’s sweet,” Hildy joked.

They chuckled and then quieted down when they heard footsteps approaching from a hallway at the back. They turned toward the sound.

Showtime, Melina thought.

Gunnar came in first. Her brow was furrowed in apparent concern, and then her face broke into a huge smile when she saw how Melina looked.

Melina read it as a look of relief. That meant that Gunnar thought she could pass for Linda—good. But the real test was towering behind Gunnar. Melina turned her attention to Brendyl and was pleasantly surprised by what she saw.

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Rhinegold: a Sapphic Siren Interlude