Queens: a Sapphic Siren Interlude

Queens, Lesbian Erotica book cover Title: Queens
Author: Laney Blaze
Series: Sapphic Siren Interludes #3
Genre: ,
Release Date: February 2017
Pages: 69
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Summary: When Melina is pulled into a potential sex scandal by two rival divorce attorneys who compete over everything, she must marshal all of her assets to get them to drop her from the high-profile case.


When she was sure she had their attention, she pulled out and pressed back in with two fingers. Both of the queens bounced in surprise at the extra girth of the penetrating digits.

Melina chuckled. “Should I warn you next time?” she asked.

“No, you’re doing fine,” Raina said, clipping her words.

“I barely feel a thing,” Corona said with a hint of challenge.

Melina knew she was lying. But she also knew that both women were so open that even with the extra finger, they were barely stretched. So Melina rudely introduced a third finger.

“How about now?” she asked. “Do you feel that?”

Corona nodded. “That’s a little better,” she said.

But Melina could tell from the quiver in her voice that it was a lot better.

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Queens: a Sapphic Siren Interlude