Lot 69: a Siren Interlude (Free eBook)

Lot 69, Paranormal Erotica book cover Title: Lot 69
Author: Clio Mackie
Series: Siren Interludes #-1
Genre: ,
Release Date: 2016 Exclusive
Pages: 33

Summary: Newsletter Bonus: When her friend Simon inadvertently donates an enchanted cello to an Italian auction house, Sirena comes to his aid. Can the resourceful siren find a way to distract the lecherous auctioneer, or will she discover that, when it comes to helping a cellist, there are always strings attached?

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“Oh my,” he said. “You’re quite fit, aren’t you?”

I smiled at him, wondering just how long it took to change a cello string. Simon assured me he could do it rather quickly. I remember snapping at him when he mentioned taking the time to tune the strings. I warned him to fight the bloody urge. No one would expect a stored cello to be fully tuned anyway. A shadow caught my attention.

It was Freddy. He was drifting towards me, his hand reaching up for my exposed breast. I closed my eyes and wondered if I would finally die at that moment. I heard a buzzing sound. Surely, the vultures hadn’t arrived already, eager to pick at my Freddy-fouled flesh.

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Lot 69: a Siren Interlude (Free eBook)