Gorgon: a Sapphic Siren Interlude

Gorgon, Lesbian Erotica book cover Title: Gorgon
Author: Laney Blaze
Series: Sapphic Siren Interludes #5
Genre: ,
Release Date: April 2018
Pages: 69
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Summary: When Medusa’s only surviving sister targets a high-profile individual, Melina must find a way to draw the Gorgon’s attention without turning to stone in the process.


Melina smirked. “Why would you think she’s even my type?”

“Oh, she’s your type, all right.”

“Despite what you think, I do have some standards besides female and breathing.”

“Trust me, I know. And Euryale is dangerously close to what you fall for—lonely, brooding, persecuted.”

Melina frowned. She hadn’t quite realized how well Sirena did know her. And it surprised her again to be having revelations about her family after so many centuries.

“Well, you’re partly right about my type,” she admitted. “But Euryale sounds too humorless and self-righteous for my taste.”

“I’m sure that one playful toss of her curls will have you ignoring those deficiencies,” Sirena said teasingly.

Melina swallowed and glanced at her sister quickly to see if she had noticed her sudden apprehension. She was relieved to see her focused instead on the last morsel of quiche on her plate.

She hoped her voice sounded casual as she went on. “Don’t you mean serpents?”

“Pardon?” Sirena asked, looking up again.

“Don’t you mean that I’ll overlook the gorgon’s demeanor after one playful toss of her serpents?”
Sirena’s next comment truly unnerved her.

“Whatever,” she said, with a dismissive wave of her fork.

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