Banshees: a Sapphic Siren Interlude

Banshees, Lesbian Erotica book cover Title: Banshees
Author: Laney Blaze
Series: Sapphic Siren Interludes #2
Genre: ,
Release Date: November 2016
Pages: 53
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Summary: When the cries of three banshees threaten the life of a newborn, Melina is asked to occupy their mouths during the delivery.


“Sheela na gig is no joke,” Elowen said with a disapproving shake of her right index finger as Melina and Siobhán approached the table. “She’s a talisman against death and devil. That’s not the same as this ana-what’s-her-name.”

“How’s it different?” Melina asked genuinely confused.

“Because for Bo, the whole thing is a lewd joke. She’s an exhibitionist getting her jollies.”

“I am no such thing, Elowen MacCarron!”

“I think what Aunt Bo is trying to say is that the point of the ritual isn’t sexual. The purpose is to get a rise out of the person watching--to incite laughter or anger or fear.”

“I can see how that would be funny,” Siobhán said diplomatically.

“That is certainly Aunt Bo’s purpose most of the time.”

“And for personal health, too, Melina. Mustn’t forget that,” Bo added. “Fresh air is good for the vagoo.”

“And is that why you lift your skirt, my dear?” Mairead asked Melina.

Being an old woman herself, Melina knew that few things could shock someone who had experienced so much life. So she responded truthfully.

“No, when I lift my skirt, I’m usually trying to get a woman into my bed.”

Mairead smiled.

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Banshees: a Sapphic Siren Interlude