Isn’t it obvious? We publish sex-positive erotica for straight and lesbian women. Our press is all about affirmation. It’s about sex, too—that moment, in the throes of passion, when someone is doing something nice for you, and you cry out “Oh Yes!”

If you read our blog When is Erotica Not Porn, you know that erotica is about mutual pleasure. And here at the press, we find pleasure in publishing intimate stories for women that will bring you pleasure when you read them.

Our standard of excellence is measured in exclamation marks. If you say yes to our stories, we still have work to do. But when you say OH YES!, we know we’ve hit the mark.


Our Staff

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I’m Rita Mae Blush. I’m the principle editor, cover designer, and marketer for the Sapphic Siren series and for all of our lesbian erotica titles. Excel spreadsheets are my passion! I think it’s a categories fetish. I like defining words and classifying things. That doesn’t mean I’m rigid, just organized. It also means I think a lot about labels. I’ll occasionally blog about stuff like that.




Bliss AvatarHi. I’m Sofie Bliss, story editor and graphic designer for the Siren series and web designer for the press. I’m also a photographer. I admit to having a Photoshop fetish and love seeing what I can do with images. I like to share ideas about cover art and book cover designs, and of course erotica. I’m excited about collaborating with Rita Mae and the authors for the press. Things are going to get pretty hot at OH YES! PRESS.