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We Publish Erotica for Women

Keep reading to find out more about OH YES! PRESS and our featured authors. It doesn't matter if you like men, women, or both. Our stories are for women who like themselves enough to indulge.


Why OH YES! PRESS? Isn’t it obvious? We publish sex-positive erotica for straight and lesbian women. Our press is all about affirmation. It’s about sex, too—that moment, in the throes of passion, when someone is doing something nice for you,

Laney Blaze

EROTICA AUTHOR LANEY BLAZE writes with authority about lesbian interactions. I am practically an expert on the subject of lesbian relationships, friendships, enemy-ships, and passing-in-the-night-ships. I’ve been in several successful interactions with other lesbians (because learning from one’s mistakes turns even a

Clio Mackie

I’M CLIO MACKIE, and I write paranormal erotica about self-reliant women and the men who appreciate them. I create relatable characters with contemporary values and old-world charm. Even the despicable ones have some redeeming qualities, and the seemingly perfect ones

Are you ready to indulge yourself? Browse our erotica books. OH YES!